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Lifetime Powertrain Warranty

Every new Toyota sold at Team One of Gasden includes the added peace of mind of our Lifetime Powertrain Warranty! Below you will find details about the program but don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any additional questions. Contact Us

How long does the Lifetime Warranty Last?

  • Your lifetime warranty is valid for as long as you own the vehicle. There is no time or mileage restrictions.

How much does the warranty cost?

  • There is no added cost, it is included with all qualifying purchases at no additional charge.

Are there extra maintenance requirements to maintain my warranty?

  • No, just that the vehicle is serviced following the owners manual recommendations. Be sure all oil & warning lights work and maintain your service records.

Can I take my vehicle to another dealership for warranty service?

  • Yes, any ASE Certified dealer can perform work on your vehicle.

Is the warranty transferrable?

  • No, your warranty stays with the original owner as long as they own the vehicle.

Is there a deductible? 

  • If the warranty work is performed at Team One Toyota of Gasden there is a $0 deductible. If it is performed at another ASE Certified dealer there is a $50 deductible.
Coverage details: Covered components include: Engine, Transmission/Transfer case, Drive Axle (front/rear), Seals and Gaskets, Taxes and Fluids.

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